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Electric Screen Colorful Prank


Electric Screen Colorful Prank joke for you. Create an electric current on your phone screen. Will appear in the form of lightning. Make a lightning finger tapping. Will appear as translucent screen. Was added to the sound. After you open the app, tap the screen lightly. That moment occurs current on the phone screen. Phone screen is not damaged. Electric shock screen. Have fun with this application.
Make jokes to your friends. Unless the application quits running in the background. Current occurs when you touch each screen. Appears in different ways. Make fun to your life with electric screen for Android.
This is an unbelievable app that will entertain you and your friends!!!
Application Future:
• Simple but unique application• The real Electric Effect• Vibration • Electric buzz• Multi Touch• Selectable lightning color• With best HD shock effect• Transparency Effects get more edge for you• Easy to handle and understand
Cause of being that realistic, it will keep kids and friends away from your phone or tablet, all of them might become scared of getting close to your phone or tablet. Be creative in the way you use it.
Electric Screen Prank is lots of fun! Download now!
Electric Screen Colorful Prank is a prank application. It is created only for fun & entertainment purpose!
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Get fun with electric Prank!!!!!